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288 Find Your Tribe – Carol Lempert

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Confidence, Anxiety, Tribe, Community, Relationships 


There are many obstacles to speaking effectively: anxiety, isolation, and fear, just to name a few. But when we are part of a tribe or community, we can handle these obstacles and become far better than we can be on our own. Today’s guest shares her fascinating story of finding her tribe and learning to be more resilient and confident. You’ll also be inspired to dive deeper into community and become a speaker who dares. 

Carol started her career as a professional actress and now helps leaders, and their teams, increase executive presence by teaching the skills that actors use to have great stage presence.
She is a sought after leadership expert who has been quoted in Forbes, Speakers Magazine, and The Financial Post. Her clients range from Google and JPMorgan to Harvard Executive Ed. (Yes, THAT Harvard. Her Mom is too proud.) 


We’ll explore:  

  • What made Carol want to be a speaker who dares. 
  • The importance of confidence and resilience in the speaking process. 
  • How anxiety often gets in the way of speaking effectively.  
  • Why community has always been important to Carol. 
  • What Carol learned about herself through Speakers Who Dare. 
  • The formula for developing confidence. 


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