297 Finding New Ways to Connect by Marisa Zalabak

297 Finding New Ways to Connect – Marisa Zalabak

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In today’s challenging environment, it’s more important than ever to find your community. Today’s guest shares how the Speakers Who Dare community helped her take bigger risks, and why we must dig deeper and find new ways to connect.  


Marisa Zalabak, is a Public Speaker, Educational Psychologist, Performing Artist, and Leadership Consultant specializing in well-being, social-emotional and creative intelligences, organizational culture, and AI ethics. Marisa believes we have an extraordinary opportunity to adapt and thrive into the future by working in friendly partnership with intelligent technologies. 


We’ll explore:  

  • Why Marisa calls herself an “Olympic adapter,” and what made her want to become a speaker who dares. 
  • How the Speakers Who Dare community supported Marisa and helped her become a more daring speaker. 
  • Marisa’s experience in New York City (this episode was recorded in April 2020). 
  • How becoming a speakers who dares has helped prepare Marisa for this moment in her life, and how she is showing up different in the world. 


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