284 Dreaming on Your Own Terms – Sophia Remolde

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Speaking, Dare, Dreams, Momentum, Potential 


Have you lost the ability to dream, especially in today’s challenging environment? If so, today’s guest will help you not only to dream again … but dream on your own terms so can live and serve to your fullest potential. 

Sophia Remolde is Lobsterbird—a hybrid mythical creature who assists awakening beings to embody their fullest human potential. She carries out this mission by guiding multidimensional sovereign creatives to fulfill their soul purpose and do work that serves the world 

We’ll explore:  

  • What made Sophia want to be a Speaker Who Dares. 
  • The difference between talking about what you are doing, and doing something worth talking about. 
  • Behind the scenes of Sophia’s segment for the Speakers Who Dare feature film. 
  • The impact of the Speakers Who Dare community on Sophia. 
  • How Sophia is showing up in the world differently through speaking. 
  • What it means to create from a state of ego-lessness. 
  • Where Sophia sees the current situation going. 


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