294 The Power of Community by Susan Eckstein

294 – The Power of Community – Susan Eckstein

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This year’s Speakers Who Dare presenters were forced to make a quick pivot from a live, on-state event to a livestream event because of COVID-19. Today’s guest shares how the Speakers Who Dare community empowered her during this challenging time, and how you can also become a speaker who dares. 


Susan Eckstein is a women’s empowerment coach and speaker. She leads divorced moms to act with courage so they can release their shame, reconnect to their power and define motherhood for themselves. Susan speaks about several topics including courage, confidence, empowerment, mindset, self-sabotage, and being a non-custodial mother. 


We’ll explore:  

  • What made Susan want to become a speaker who dares. 
  • The role community has played in improving Susan’s life, as well as the Speakers Who Dare pivot from a live to a livestream event. 
  • What it was like to watch the livestream with the other Speakers Who Dare participants. 
  • How Susan is showing up in the world differently. 
  • Susan’s advice for being a speaker who dares. 


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