298 LImits Are What You Set For Yourself

298 Stand Out and Be Yourself – Zach Messler

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Fear, Community, Limits, Purpose, Discipline 



Whether you are speaking on stage or simply living your everyday life, you will face limiting beliefs. Today’s guest shares his experience of facing fear while preparing for Speakers Who Dare, and also how his family is moving forward with courage during this challenging time. 


Some of the greatest things to ever happen  won’t. Zach Messler wants to change that. A messaging and positioning adviser with a knack for what to say and how to say it, Zach believes some of the greatest things to never happen, should. And it’s the power of messaging that makes all the difference. 


We’ll explore:  

  • Why Zach incorporated the xylophone into his Speakers Who Dare talk. 
  • How Zach lives as a Speaker Who Dares. 
  • The importance of discipline and purpose in your preparation. 
  • The experience of pivoting from a live event to a livestream event. 
  • How Zach is showing up differently in the world as a result of participating in Speakers Who Dare. 


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