Episode 249 Leadership and Storytelling One and the Same

249 Leadership & Storytelling: One and the Same

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Leadership, Storytelling, Speaking, Communication, Community


As a speaker, you have an amazing tool at your disposal. This tool can create community, inspire new ways of thinking, and help you make a powerful impact on your audience. On this season of The Big Talk, we’ll look at the power of storytelling and how it is an indispensable tool for leadership. In this episode, Tricia shares her story of taking stages, and why storytelling and leadership are one and the same.

We’ll explore: 

  • How Oprah Winfrey, Heidi Schreck, and Maya Angelou took the stage asked us to create new stories.
  • The story of how I took my first stages and my first audition with Lucinda Childs.
  • Why I said no to playing the lead role in “Einstein on the Beach.”
  • The importance of deeply understanding communication in order to be captivating.
  • Why we are all capable of having great impact on the world.
  • The power of stories to give groups a shared experience.


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