254 A Great Speaker is Like a Surgeon – Johnny Wimbrey

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254 A Great Speaker is Like a Surgeon – Johnny Wimbrey


“A great speaker is like a surgeon: they can cut you open and then sew you back up.” That is one of the many amazing insights you’ll hear from today’s guest, who shares his powerful journey from a scarred past to taking big stages and impacting countless lives today.

Johnny Wimbrey began life in a battered women’s shelter with his single mother, was exposed to drugs by the age of 8, and was selling by the age of 14. He managed to not only turn his life around but create immense success for himself and others. Johnny’s published works include bestseller From the Hood to Doing Good, and he has sold half a million printed copies in a combined effort across the globe.

Johnny regularly speaks for non-profit organizations and reunites children with their mothers whom they’ve been separated from for years due to government powers. He and his wife, Crystal, are co-founders of the non-profit Wimbrey WorldWide Ministries, which has built six schools in Central America and helped fund water purification systems in Africa.

 We’ll explore:

  • How Johnny is using his personal story to impact others.
  • The value of having a coach in your life.
  • Johnny’s role models in storytelling and leadership.
  • What is means to craft an artful story.
  • The importance of getting permission from an audience.
  • Mistakes leaders make when telling their story.
  • Why you must have boundaries as a leader.

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