255 Check Your Ego at the Door – Patty Lennon

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Speaking, Storytelling, Ego, Intuition, Structure

255 Check Your Ego at the Door – Patty Lennon


At its core, storytelling and leadership are not about you. They are all about impacting and serving your audience, team, or followers. Today’s guest will help every leader and storyteller check their ego at the door and risk the edge of their own vulnerability in order to become more effective.

Patty is a keynote speaker and best-selling author who inspires audiences to lead with passion and purpose. She is an expert business coach that believes our businesses are not only a way to make money and contribute to our fellow humans but are also a conduit for our soul’s evolution.

We’ll explore:

  • How an intuitive or channel can further hone their skills as a speaker.
  • The importance of checking your ego at the door as a speaker.
  • What makes a great storyteller.
  • Patty’s role models in storytelling and leadership.
  • How to use the persistent rejection of structures to your benefit.
  • Patty’s process of channeling as a speaker.

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