258 Consistent, Persistent, Resilient – Sara Anna Powers

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Speaking, Resilience, Consistency, Feedback, Leadership

258 Consistent, Persistent, Resilient – Sarah Anna Powers


What happens when you receive negative feedback from your talk? That is the situation today’s guest found herself in when giving a recent talk. She’ll break down what happened, what she learned from it, and how you can also become persistent and resilient as you speak and lead.

Sara Anna Powers is an online business mentor and expert copywriter. She’s passionate about helping business owners learn to love themselves unconditionally.

Show up as you

A Willingness to “go there”

Open to the feedback

Consistent, persistent, resilient

We’ll explore:

  • How to allow the fullest sense of yourself to come through.
  • Anna’s story of “ruffling feathers” with her recent talk.
  • The importance of being open to feedback.
  • How to be more consistent, persistent, and resilient.
  • The importance of loving yourself unconditionally.
  • Anna’s role models in leadership and storytelling.
  • Anna’s process for giving birth to a talk, and the importance of giving yourself margin.
  • The biggest mistake a leader makes when they share their story.
  • The best narrative keynote Anna has heard.

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