Episode 205 Leave Room For Flow with Jim Curtis

205 Leave Room For Flow – Jim Curtis

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205 Leave Room for Flow – Jim Curtis


As a speaker, how do you balance the need to rehearse your talk while also leaving room for flow? Today’s guest shares his experience as a TEDx speaker and delivers valuable insights about going with the flow while also staying prepared.

Jim Curtis has had a prolific career in health publishing, serving as a key leader in the rapid growth of three leading national health sites, WebMD, EverydayHealth, and Remedy Health Media. Jim is the author of the new book, The Stimulati Experience, that curates transformational skills learned from twenty years of fighting a chronic health condition of his own while serving as a patient advocate.

He is the creator of the documentary series Elders, is an active public speaker, a TEDx speaker board member, and business coach to start-up entrepreneurs. Jim’s focus is on achieving health, happiness, and purpose through mindset, lowering inflammation in both the mind and body. He has been featured in The New York Times, Fox News, Elite Daily, The Daily News, Bloomberg, HuffPo, Thrive Global, Rodale Health, US News and World Report, and others. Jim lives in NYC with his son, Aidan, and rescue dog, Odie.

We’ll explore:

  • Jim’s new role as President and CEO of the company Modern Sanctuary.
  • His experience of being a speaker at TEDx Lincoln Square.
  • What it takes to craft your talk for maximum impact.
  • What Jim learned about himself during the process of speaking for TEDx Lincoln square, and what he would do differently.
  • The most surprising part of the experience.
  • Three pieces of advice for potential TEDx speakers.
  • The value of leaving room for flow in your talk.

Interview Links

Jim’s TEDx talk: The Cosmic Algorithm: Deciphering The Signs


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