208 Breaking Down Your Ideas – Madison Campbell

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208 Breaking Down Your Ideas – Madison Campbell


One of the hallmarks of an effective TEDx talk is connecting with an audience and spreading your ideas. But if you are not careful, you can overwhelm your audience with unnecessary details related to your topic. Today’s guest shares her experience as a TEDx speaker and how she broke down the ideas of a complex topic.

Madison is a Researcher, Data Scientist, and Medical Program Director. She is also the Chapter President for Young Americans for Liberty. Her research on neurodegenerative diseases has been published in 12 studies. She discovered creative expression at a young age through dance and as a young adult devoted her education to ballet and musical theater. Her life took a drastic turn when she received a diagnosis of “Thoracic Outlet Syndrome” as a freshman in college. Despite her low energy levels, she was determined not to let that hold her back from enjoying college. After being told by her surgeon she was not allowed to have a summer job, she found herself immersed in recovery so her illness would not hold her back. Little did she know, this restful recovery would soon encourage her to a new line of work. Her illness pushed her to seek more knowledge in the scientific field of infectious diseases, epidemiology, and neuro-epidemiology.

We’ll explore:

  • How she has blended her interests in epidemiology and space travel.
  • Madison’s experience being a TEDx speaker.
  • What she learned about herself in the process of preparing her talk.
  • What Madison would do differently next time.
  • The surprising aspects of doing a TEDx talk.
  • How being a TEDx speaker has impacted Madison personally and professionally.
  • Three pieces of advice for potential TEDx speakers.

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Madison’s TEDx talk: Viruses in Space, Cancer at Home

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