Episode 206 Becoming a Bridge-Builder with Mary Gauthier

206 Becoming a Bridge-Builder – Mary Gauthier

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Music, Bridges, Relationships, Insecurity, Connection

206 Becoming a Bridge-Builder – Mary Gauthier


TEDx speakers not only use words to connect with an audience. They also use other art forms such as music. Today’s guest shares how she uses music to build bridges between people, as well as the role music played in her recent TEDx talk.

Mary Gauthier is known as a songwriter’s songwriter. Her latest release, Rifles & Rosary Beads, is a collection of songs she co-wrote with U.S. Veterans over the last five years through Songwriting With Soldiers, a non-profit that offers Veterans a chance to work with professional songwriters. The songs on Rifles and Rosary Beadstell the story of the affect war has had on the Americans who have served, as well as their families. It has been nominated for record of the year by the Americana Music Association.

We’ll explore:

  • The power of using story through song to create empathy.
  • How Mary is using music to build bridges during a divided time.
  • Mary’s experience as a TEDx speaker, and how it challenged her.
  • How TED talks are a unique art form.
  • What Mary learned about herself while preparing for her talk.
  • What she would do differently in the future.
  • The most surprising thing about Mary’s experience at TEDx.
  • How being a TEDx speaker has helped her personally and professionally.
  • Mary’s advice for potential TEDx speakers.

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