210 Be Clear on Your Takeaway – Pamay Bassey

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210 Be Clear on Your Takeaway – Pamay Bassey


You may have a lot of different ideas you want to communicate in a talk. Today’s guest talks about the challenge of identifying your big idea and gives practical strategies for getting clear on your takeaway.

Pamay Bassey’s superpower is that she’s always learning! She loves laughter, words, big ideas and serving her community. She is an executive, entrepreneur, educator, world traveler, comedian, speaker, and author of My 52 Weeks of Worship: Lessons from a Global, Spiritual, Interfaith Journey. She serves as Chief Experience Officer of the My 52 Weeks of Worship Project and Global Head of Professional Development at BlackRock.

Pamay earned a B.S. in Symbolic Systems with an Artificial Intelligence concentration from Stanford and a M.S. in Computer Science from Northwestern. She is also a graduate of Second City’s Conservatory program in Chicago.

We’ll explore:

  • Pamay’s experience as a TEDx speaker.
  • How Tricia and Pamay connected.
  • How Pamay figured out the big idea for her talk, and the value of being clear on what you want the audience to take away from it.
  • What Pamay would do differently in her talk.
  • How she dealt with fear during her talk.
  • The most surprising thing about Pamay’s TEDx experience.
  • How being a TEDx speaker has helped Pamay personally and professionally.
  • Three pieces of advice for potential TEDx speakers.

Interview Links

Pamay’s TEDx talk: Navigating Sacred Spaces




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