212 What You Share is So Much Bigger Than You – Sarah Montana

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Forgiveness, Speaking, Audience, Impact, Preparation

212 What You Share is So Much Bigger Than You – Sarah Montana


It’s vital to have enthusiasm and passion as a speaker, but your message must ultimately serve others. Today’s guest shares her process of taking the TEDx stage and how she crafted a message that impacted her audience in a big way.

Sarah Montana is a screenwriter, playwright, and writer. She is currently writing two movies for the Hallmark Channel. Her most recent play,The Girl, The Ghosts, and the Minotaurwas selected for a staged reading at Life Jacket Theater Company’s 2017 Proof of Concept Reading Series in New York City. She is currently working on her own memoir and has ghostwritten book proposals for celebrity experts, some of which have been sold to publishers for six figures. She creates and shapes content for authors and business owners, including ebooks, articles, memoirs, and marketing copy.

We’ll explore:

  • Sarah’s experience as a TEDx speaker.
  • Why people don’t necessarily want to hear about your book or business at a TED talk … they want to hear about something that comes from a very personal place.
  • How being a TEDx speaker has helped Sarah become a better writer.
  • Why some people were resistant to her topic of forgiveness.
  • What Sarah would do differently next time, and what she would repeat.
  • Why you should not dress for a photo shoot when presenting a TEDx talk.
  • The most surprising element of the TEDx experience.
  • Three pieces of advice for potential TEDx speakers.

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Sarah’s TEDx talk: The Real Risk of Forgiveness–And Why It’s Worth It


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