BONUS – A Conscious Conversation About Race

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It is my mission to elevate the voices of people with important stories and messages they need to share in the world. When we do this, we can change and even save lives.  

In the wake of recent events, I felt it was time to have a discussion, let voices be heard, and find a way to encourage and facilitate love and compassion … while inspiring the change we need so desperately. We hope you enjoy this conversation with our amazing guests. 

We’ll explore:  

  • Why we must be honest with young people, particularly young black men, about racism. 
  • The impact that the language from the White House has had on Asian-Americans. 
  • Some of the history of the U.S. that has created systemic racism. 
  • The danger of sequestering yourself within a community of people who are just like you. 
  • How the “virus of hate” has targeted various groups in American history. 
  • The importance of having conversations to help kids and families navigate racial issues. 
  • Why white people must take responsibility to begin educating themselves and reduce the burden for people of color. 
  • Why “unconscious bias” is not always unconscious. 
  • The amazing opportunity you have to be not only a better version of yourself for humanity. 


Interview Links 

Nydia Han is an Emmy winning journalist and TEDx speaker who is passionate about amplifying underrepresented voices. 

Gisela Adisa is a Broadway, television, and VO actress who has studied both drama and African Studies. 

Antuan Raimone is a Universal Swing for the acclaimed Broadway hit, “Hamilton”, TEDx speaker, and a champion of light, love, and joy for those that want change. 

Andrew David Sotomayor is a composer, arranger, and music director based in NYC, he was recently Music Directed the tour of Margaritaville. 

LeRon Barton is a writer and TEDx speaker who currently resides in San Fransisco who recently published the article “Why Being a Black Man in America Never Feels Safe. 

Ming Shelby is an educator, speaker, and podcaster whose happiest days are connecting with others and inspiring them to be courageous in their lives. 

Tamika Felder is a television producer, speaker, author, and cancer survivor who is on a mission to eradicate cancer, advocate for patient voices, and mobilize others to live with purpose. 



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  • [ctt_hbox link=”efdHv” via=”no” ]You have the opportunity to be not only a better version of yourself for humanity, but also an example for whoever is watching, listening, and paying attention to you. #racism [/ctt_hbox]
  • [ctt_hbox link=”16cq8″ via=”no” ]If we want to try to change the narrative and change our history, we have to acknowledge the reality of our situation as communities of color. #racism #conversation [/ctt_hbox]