Become a Transformational Speaker Step 7: Captivate Your Audience

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Step 1: Become the Speaker You Are Meant to Be
Step 2: Identify the Purpose of Your Talk
Step 3: Generate Bullet Points of Your Ideas
Step 4: Dig Deep into Each Point with Persuasive Techniques
Step 5: Connect the Dots
Step 6: Formulate Your Flow
Step 7: Captivate Your Audience

The final step in becoming a transformational speaker is to captivate your audience. This involves being clear, authentic, passionate, trustworthy, insightful, valuable, accessible, tenacious, and encouraging.

Be Clear

Choose three main points and explain them thoroughly. Ensure your message is clear and wrap up your talk only once, avoiding repetitive endings.

Be Authentic

Speak from the heart and connect with what you are saying. Share an original point of view to excite the audience.

Be Passionate

Choose ideas you believe in and let your excitement show. Passion is contagious and makes your message more powerful.

Be Trustworthy

Make eye contact, be credible, and back up complex ideas with statistics and data. This builds trust with the audience.

Be Insightful

Craft a script with penetrating impact. Use your knowledge and brilliance to engage the audience.

Be Valuable

Provide useful and effective information. Walk out with courage and fearlessness, impacting the audience deeply.

Be Accessible

Allow your body language to be open and show the audience what’s possible. Make information available and inspire them to seek more.

Be Tenacious

Be persistent, determined, and purposeful. Your strength of purpose will inspire the audience to take action.

Be Encouraging

Infuse your message with hope and affirm that anything is possible.

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