Become a Transformational Speaker Step 6: Formulate Your Flow

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Step 1: Become the Speaker You Are Meant to Be
Step 2: Identify the Purpose of Your Talk
Step 3: Generate Bullet Points of Your Ideas
Step 4: Dig Deep into Each Point with Persuasive Techniques
Step 5: Connect the Dots
Step 6: Formulate Your Flow
Step 7: Captivate Your Audience

Formulating the flow of your talk is the sixth step in becoming a transformational speaker. This involves creating an arc and ensuring that your talk has a clear beginning, middle, and end.

Understand the Dramatic Arc

According to Gustav Freytag, a drama is divided into five parts: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and dénouement. Applying this structure to your talk can make it more engaging and impactful.

Create a Character Arc

A character arc involves the transformation or inner journey of a character. In your talk, this can be the journey of an idea, concept, or even yourself. Share how these points have affected you or someone else to create stakes and excitement.

Identify Main Points

Identify the key points you want to convey and tell the audience why they are important. Paint a picture of the impact these ideas can have.

Share Personal Stories

Sharing personal stories endears the audience to you and makes your talk more relatable. Wrap up with the ending, whether it’s happy or not, and inspire the audience to think differently.

By formulating your flow with a clear arc, you create a compelling and memorable experience for your audience.

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