449 How to Live Your Limitless Potential with Nick Prefontaine

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Image for episode 449 How to Live Your Limitless Potential with Nick Prefontaine

Developing Your Limitless Potential

In this episode, I am joined by the inspiring Nick Prefontaine as we talk about what it looks like to listen to your desires — even in unthinkable circumstances — and to live your limitless potential

You may remember him from his first appearance on The Big Talk in episode 404 as a part of my Speaker Salon Showcase. 

Nick is a speaker, Founder, and CEO of Common Goal. He’s also an Amazon Best Selling author of The New Rules of Real Estate. He also is co-host of “Not Just a Transaction” Podcast. “Not Just a Transaction” is the podcast that explores the many creative options available for buying or selling a home. Nick and their family team have helped hundreds of people buy and sell even when they thought it wasn’t possible.

In this episode, we’ll explore:


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His first appearance on The Big Talk podcast in Episode 404

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