The Big Talk Podcast

with Tricia Brouk

Season 22

Candid conversations about using your voice in a big way.

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483 Question Your Story with Amelia Randolph Campbell (Speaker Salon Showcase)

482 Making a Difference for our World with Dr. Andrew Benedek

481 How To Moderate a Panel

480 Dispelling Myths (Masterclass Hot Seat Coaching) – Part 2

479 Business Is an Art with Ramón Estrada

478 How to Write a Book in a Weekend

477 Behind the Scenes with Speaker Success Coaches of The Big Talk Academy

476 Rethinking the American Dream with Monica Harris

475 What Do you Do With An Idea?

474 Masterclass Hot Seat Coaching – Part 1

473 Becoming a Modern Leader with Paul Glover

472 An Amazing Speech on Women in Politics

471 The Art of Business with Ramon Estrada T. (Bonus Virtual Showcase)

470 Build a Brand That Is Referable with Michael Roderick

469 What Makes a Great Eulogy

468 A Case for Pro Aging with Yvonne Bridges (Bonus Virtual Showcase)

467 Leading With Love with Danielle LaPorte

466 Deconstructing My Speaking Process for Big Stages

465 Reaching True Gender Equality with Tracy Rector

464 Inbound Lead Generation with Tom Poland

463 – How to Find Speaking Opportunities (Ask Me Anything)

462 Being a Curious Leader with Debra Clary

461 Become a Thought Leader with Jason Van Orden

460 4 Steps to Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

459 Choosing to Homeschool with Rochelle Giordano

458 Grow Your Confidence with Amanda Walker

457 Three Powerful Women’s Rights Speeches

456 Reimagine Everything with Dr. Julie Krull

455 Releasing Limiting Beliefs with Amelia Randolph Campbell

454 How to Leave a Legacy: Behind the Scenes of My Big Talk

453 The Surprising Solution to Imposter Syndrome with Maria Rygge

452 Learning to Trust Yourself with Stephanie McAuliffe

451 Managing Your Mindset During Setbacks

450 How to Show Up with Janine Charron

449 How to Live Your Limitless Potential with Nick Prefontaine

448 The Importance of Managing Your Energy Around Big Ideas

447 Finding Your Way Home With Sharyl West Loeung

446 Increase Your Impact and Your Income with Aurora Winter

445 Ask Me Anything

444 Why We Resist Women Who Lead with Dalisia Coppersmith

443 Becoming an Advocate for Change with Hope Mohr

442 What’s Your State of Mental Readiness

441 How to Be Remarkable with Vivian Garcia-Tunon

440 Sharing Your Story of Transformation with Ana Del Castillo

439 Speak Up – Your Voice Matters

438 Change How You Think with Odette Henry

437 Creating Abundance in Your Life with David Waldy

436 Giving Away Your Power

435 Life After Infertility with Jessica Faath

434 Practicing Self Compassion with Dr. Olivia Ong

433 Conscious Manifestation

432 Reclaim Your Inner Wellness with Dr. Kanchan Anand

431 Building Integrity with Chris Prefontaine

430 The Characteristics of Top Motivational Speakers

429 Good Enough to Change the World with Andrea Sanchez

428 Authentically Elevating Others with Mark Sephton

427 The Importance of Effective Communication

426 The Power of Music with Wendy Christie

425 Make Your Mess Your Message with Dr. Jay LaGuardia

424 Deconstructing Success by Looking at the Choices I Make

423 We Are All Connected with Jill Strickland Brown

422 Live Coaching Sessions with Members of The Big Talk Community

421 Inside The Three Doors of Liberation

420 The Fight for Adaptive Fashion with Dona Edwards

419 Living Your Purpose with Jenn Edden

418 Life Lessons I’ve Learned During the Pandemic (Ask Me Anything)

417 You are Enough with Amelia Felbinger [Bonus Episode]

416 Overcoming Fear and Taking Action with Coleen Taylor

415 Speaker Salon Showcase with Shernaz Jaehnel [Bonus Episode]

414 Leading with Service with Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

413 The Importance of A Business Team

412 Speaker Salon Showcase with Paul Glover [Bonus Episode]

411 When Your Voice Meets Your Message with Amelia Felbinger

410 Speaker Salon Showcase with Susan Nicholas [Bonus Episode]

409 The Importance of a Personal Team

408 Speaker Salon Showcase with Edgar Jaehnel [Bonus Episode]

407 Leading with Love with Angelique Santana

406 Speaker Salon Showcase with Marisa Zalabak [Bonus Episode]

405 TEDx Tips for Success

404 Speaker Salon Showcase with Nick Prefontaine [Bonus Episode]

403 Finding Your Nirvana with Jim Knight

Welcome to The Big Talk with Tricia Brouk, an award winning director and producer.

The Big Talk pulls back the curtain of the art of public speaking, TED Talks, and how to get paid to speak. She’s interviewed the world’s top speakers including, Stedman Graham, Hap Klopp, Lolly Daskal and John Lee Dumas.

Featured Episodes

Stedman Graham

Author, Speaker and Oprah’s longtime biggest champion

John Lee Dumas

Founder of award winning podcast EOFire, speaker and entrepreneur

Lolly Daskal

TEDxLincolnSquare speaker, author and sought after leadership coach

Hap Klopp

Founder of The North Face, speaker and disrupter

JJ Ramberg

Former host of MSNBC’s Your Business


A Conscious Conversation About Race