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with Tricia Brouk


Candid conversations about using your voice in a big way.

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212 What You Share is So Much Bigger Than You – Sarah Montana

211 The Story Underneath Your “Why” – Jeffrey Shaw

210 Be Clear on Your Takeaway – Pamay Bassey

209 Speak from a Place of Love – Antuan Magic Raimone

208 Breaking Down Your Ideas – Madison Campbell

207 Connecting with Your Co-Speakers – Rabbi Elchanan Poupko

206 Becoming a Bridge-Builder – Mary Gauthier

205 Leave Room For Flow – Jim Curtis

169 Helping People Get Out of Their Own Way – Dolores Hirschmann

168 Empowering Women through TEDx – Alexandra Fowler

167 It’s All About Community – Alysia Dahir

166 Discovering the Possibilities as a TEDx Organizer – Shelly Govila

165 The Importance of an Irresistible Idea – Tamsen Webster

164 Spreading Great Ideas Through TEDx in Prison – Ajit George

163 The Power to Create Community – Sarah Spang

162 Becoming an Ambassador to Your Community – Chris Daley

161 Building Bridges in India – Raashi Saxena

160 The Difference Between Speaking & Spreading an Idea – Josh O’Connor

159 Planning an Intentional and Excellent Event – Cathey Armillas

158 All About TEDxAruba – Elton Arends

157 Creating an Inclusive & Diverse Event – Cherie Ward

156 Involving Your Community in the Process – Dora Dzvonyar

155 Impacting the Community through TEDxBuffalo – Alexandra Opiel

154 A Glimpse Behind the Curtain of TEDx

81 Drop in with visibility strategist and TEDx co-organizer, Jamie Broderick

80 Drop in with superstar humorist, author and TEDx speaker, Karith Foster.

79 Hear from superstar game-changer and TEDx speaker, Michael Cioni.

78 Hear from superstar child rights advocate and TEDx speaker, Jo Becker.

77 Drop in with superstar recruiter and TEDx speaker, Gail Tolstoi-Miller.

76 Hear from superstar former champion snowboarder and TEDx speaker, Kevin Pearce.

75 Hear from superstar author, early interventionist and TEDx speaker, Wendy Smith

74 Hear from superstar improviser and activist and TEDx speaker. Rich Hollman.

73 Drop in with superstar integrative health coach and TEDx speaker, Mari Carmen Pizarro

72 Drop in with superstar Krumper and TEDx speaker, Brian HallowDreamz Henry.

71 Drop in with superstar rare eye disease advocate and TEDx speaker, Kristin Smedley

Welcome to The Big Talk with Tricia Brouk, an award winning director and producer.

The Big Talk pulls back the curtain of the art of public speaking, TED Talks, and how to get paid to speak. She’s interviewed the world’s top speakers including, Stedman Graham, Hap Klopp, Lolly Daskal and John Lee Dumas.

Featured Episodes

Stedman Graham

Author, Speaker and Oprah’s longtime biggest champion

John Lee Dumas

Founder of award winning podcast EOFire, speaker and entrepreneur

Lolly Daskal

TEDxLincolnSquare speaker, author and sought after leadership coach

Hap Klopp

Founder of The North Face, speaker and disrupter

JJ Ramberg

Former host of MSNBC’s Your Business


A Conscious Conversation About Race