107 Leading through Stories & Self-Awareness – Chris Cebollero

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For thousands of years, people have told stories to relate their experience and influence others. On today’s episode, you’ll hear from a leader who continues this tradition by telling stories that impact his team, his live audiences, and his readers. You’ll also learn why self-awareness is such a key part of leadership and communication.

Chris Cebollero is an internationally-recognized leadership specialist, best-selling author, coach and motivational lecturer. His dynamic and energetic speaking style has entertained, motivated, and educated individuals, groups and teams for over two decades. Chris is currently the Senior Partner of his own consulting firm that specializes in leadership development, individual and executive coaching, and organizational process improvement. Chris has been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. Chris has spent 30 years in the Emergency Medical Services career field and continues to be an advocate for delivering the best care possible.

We’ll explore:

  • How Chris’s experience growing up in New York and serving in the U.S. Air Force helped him develop a unique perspective.
  • Why he believes the big talk comes first, and how it can help you hone your message and skills.
  • The unique way that Chris defines leadership.
  • How the smaller talks on employee engagement he has given over the years helped him prepare to write a book.
  • The importance of including stories in your talk and book.
  • Chris’s process for preparing a new talk.
  • The role of performance in speaking, and why Chris loves the stage.
  • Why communication is so critical for leadership and organizational success.
  • The importance of maintaining your personal brand and polishing your persona.
  • Why you must be true to yourself and develop a healthy self-awareness.

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Ultimate Leadership: 10 Rules for Success by Chris Cebollero
Ultimate Success: Strategic Leadership Excellence by Chris Cebollero
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