261 Find Your Voice & Clarify Your Message – Eli Weinstein

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261 Find Your Voice & Clarify Your Message – Eli Weinstein


“Hi, my name is Eli Weinstein, LMSW. I am a Social Work therapist who has worked in a psych hospital, intense outpatient clinic and currently work in a community clinic in queens. I used to work in NY and West Coast NCSY (Youth Organization) for over 7 years.I created ELIvation to fill a need to help those in struggling and add extra inspiration and motivation into everyday life.

I have gone through my own struggles with anxiety, ADHD and men’s issues (being a new dad, body image issues, relationships, and general self-esteem/confidence)My main goal is to help people on their journey to add support, care, empathy, expertise, and insight.I run events, seminars and individual coaching on topics from mental health awareness, public speaking coaching, relationship coaching and confidence boosting.”

We’ll explore: 

  • How Eli uses his voice to advocate for mental health.
  • The importance of understanding the clarity of your message.
  • How Eli found his voice, and when he found the courage to use it.
  • Eli’s advice on how you can find your voice.
  • Why talking about mental health is so important to Eli.
  • How Eli got booked on Kelly Clarkson’s TV show, and how he prepared for his appearance.

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