392 Behind the Scenes of My Morning Routine

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Show Summary: 

In this episode, I am once again being interviewed by Jazz Biancci, one of the amazing coaches who works with me inside The Big Talk Academy. 

Together, she and I are going even further behind the scenes of my solocast episodes, and this week we’re talking all about Episode 322: My Morning Routine.

This episode gave you a glimpse inside my finely-tuned morning routine. This is a ritual I have perfected for myself, and I know that it serves me well as I prepare to show up fully for myself, my family, my work, and our community each day. 

These bonus episodes with Jazz allow you the opportunity to understand my thought process with even more clarity as you apply these ideas to your own journey and use your voice for impact.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • Why Tricia truly loves early mornings so much 
  • Creating a consistent routine that works best for you and listening to your body
  • Taking the time you have in your day seriously and the confidence that comes from being in constant training
  • Preventing burnout and maintaining productivity


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Episode 322: My Morning Routine

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