394 Behind the Scenes of Truth versus Lie – Tricia and Jazz

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Show Summary: 

This week, I’m turning the tables again and being interviewed by one of my incredible Big Talk Academy coaches, Jazz Biancci. 

Today, she and I are going even further behind the scenes of Episode 350: Truth versus Lie.

If you remember, this was the episode where I talked about the concept of truth versus lie that I first learned from the amazing David Neagle. And I genuinely believe that this idea is something we can all benefit from — whether you’re speaking from a big stage or not.  

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • Practicing relentless forgiveness of yourself and others
  • The very first lies we believed about ourselves
  • Why truth is something we expect, and also something we’re afraid of
  • Why owning your truth has the power to unlock and open doors to a whole new way of being in the world


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