390 Behind the Scenes of Why I Know Anything is Possible

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Show Summary: 

This episode of our podcast features a new format for The Big Talk. This week, I’m being interviewed by Jazz Biancci, one of my incredible coaches who works with me inside The Big Talk Academy. 

Together, she and I are going even further behind the scenes of my solocast episodes, starting with Episode 373: Why I know anything is possible

If you were able to tune in that week, you’ll remember this episode went deep into my backstory and how the experiences in my life have all led to my unshakable knowing that anything is possible — for me and, more importantly, for you as well. 

These new bonus episodes with Jazz are going to allow you the opportunity to understand my thought process with even more clarity as you apply these ideas to your own journey and use your voice for impact.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • Shifting your mindset around the problems in your life to view them as new opportunities
  • The deep happiness, joy, and courage that comes from community 
  • What happens when you are willing to fall on your face and get back up again
  • Consciously designing the life that you desire and making yourself a priority


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