385 Inside the Manifestation and Meditation Retreat

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Show Summary: 

Today on The Big Talk, we’re talking about meditation and manifestation. I share with you a retreat I took over the summer centered around these two crucial practices and how you too can implement them in your life and be in full receivership of what is meant for you.

In June, I decided I needed to get out of New York City and take a trip to be near the ocean. Because when I am close to the ocean, I’m always reminded that it is not about me and that the possibilities are so much bigger than I can even imagine. 

Normally, I wait to go away in December for my business so that I can create for the upcoming year at The Big Talk. However, I realized that this year I had been creating so much and for so long that I needed to pause sooner to make space for not having anything going out and instead allow for everything to come in. 

So, I booked this getaway and gave myself full permission to be open to receiving as I centered my days around manifestation and meditation. 

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • The luxury I desired for this trip and how this helped me be in complete receivership 
  • What will come to you when you give yourself permission to be open and in a state of receiving
  • Respectfully putting yourself first and being clear on your desires
  • The way you can create the life of your dreams and step fully into your power as an effective communicator


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