Image for episode 468 A Case for Pro Aging with Yvonne Bridges

468 A Case for Pro Aging with Yvonne Bridges (Bonus Virtual Showcase)

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What Pro Aging Is All About

This is a bonus episode featuring a talk from The BTA Virtual Showcase. This showcase is a unique opportunity for speakers who’ve participated in The Big Talk Academy — my signature speaker certification program that teaches you how to communicate, speak, and lead at a world class level.

This is a powerful chance for these influential speakers to perform the Big Talk they’ve developed and polished during our 12 weeks together in front of an audience of experts, influencers, and peers. It is also their opportunity to get constructive feedback and direction from me.

It is an honor and a privilege to be able to share these talks with you on the podcast.

 This week’s episode features Yvonne Bridges and her talk, “The Anti-Aging War Cry for Women is Passé.”

 Yvonne is a speaker, best-selling author (You Are Relevant), holds two degrees, and a Dare to LeadTM certified facilitator. Yvonne’s experience as a global leadership consultant paved the way to her speaking career addressing ageism and its impact on women. She engages her audience to expand their perspective of aging women.

In her talk, she explores:

  • How we see other people and how we see ourselves
  • Why aging for women is often not celebrated, and why anti-aging is passé 
  • The reason she is honored to be growing older and works to help others in redefining aging 
  • What pro aging is all about and how to create your own aging war cry 


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