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472 An Amazing Speech on Women in Politics

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A Speech on Women in Politics to Ignite the Feminist Fire Within You

I’m super excited about today’s episode because I’m going to be reading again from this incredible book by William Sapphire called Lend Me Your Ears: Great Speeches in History. Today, I am going to share a speech by the first female member of parliament, Lady Astor, where she discusses women in politics. 

In the book, Sapphire starts this section with a quote that says, “We realize that no one sex can govern alone. I can conceive of nothing worse than a man governed world except a one woman governed world.”

So, we’re talking about equality here and about the importance of hearing all voices. And that’s really important to keep in mind as you listen and as you think about how we can move forward in the world today.

In this speech on women in politics, we’ll explore:

  • What it means to become a symbol
  • Why being the first to do something is both picturesque and lonely
  • The reason having a one-sided government doesn’t work
  • How we all effect politics and the way we can all contribute to creating a better world for the next generation


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