Image of Episode 428 Authentically Elevating Others with Mark Sephton

428 Authentically Elevating Others with Mark Sephton

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Leadership Is About Elevating Others

This week, we’re talking about what it means to be vulnerable and how choosing vulnerability allows you to not only be yourself, but allows you to also elevate and uplift those around you.

For this conversation, I’m joined by the incredible and inspiring Mark Sephton. 

Mark is a personal mentor to entrepreneurs. His mission to help others has seen him break into global markets while working with startups and millionaire entrepreneurs worldwide. Mark’s love for entrepreneurship has been expressed through serving as TV host of the show “One More Round.”

When not on the big screen, Mark is a regular contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine and Brainz Magazine and a speaker for corporate events, entrepreneurship summits, and major conferences worldwide. His personal and professional development expertise has positioned him as an expert in the industry, resulting in transformational experiences for audiences, clients, and businesses alike.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • How past pain and experiences shaped Mark into the empathetic leader he is now
  • Why being vulnerable is a crucial part of elevating others
  • Authentically showing up and leading from the heart instead of your ego
  • His amazing GPS system that allows him to highlight blind spots, efficiencies, and deficiencies
  • Mark’s current favorites — Book: The Crossing, Speaker: Brené Brown, and Podcast: T.D. Jakes and Tim Ferriss 


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