Image for episode 470 Build a Brand That is Referable with Michael Roderick

470 Build a Brand That Is Referable with Michael Roderick

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How to Begin to Build a Brand That Is Referable

Today, I am so excited to welcome Michael Roderick back to the podcast. If you’ve been a long time listener of the show, you may remember Michael from our first interview in Episode 177.

Michael is the CEO of Small Pond Enterprises, which helps thoughtful givers become thought leaders by making their brands referable, their messaging memorable, and their ideas unforgettable. He is also the host of the podcast Access to Anyone, which shows how you can get to know anyone you want in business and in life using time tested relationship-building principles. 

Michael’s unique methodology comes from his own experience of going from being a Highschool English teacher to a Broadway Producer in under two years. 

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • What it means to be a thoughtful giver 
  • How to begin to build a brand that is referable in order to become a thought leader
  • Why the best thought leaders are a combination of scientists, celebrities, and magicians
  • The three main principles of referability and how to implement them
  • Michael’s current favorites: Book: Linchpin, Speaker: Adam Grant, and Podcast: 7-Figure Millennials 


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