Image for episode 416 Overcoming Fear and Taking Action with Coleen Taylor

416 Overcoming Fear and Taking Action with Coleen Taylor

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Why Taking Action is Key to Overcoming Your Fear

This week, we are exploring how experiences in your life can create a desire to be of service to others. We’re also talking about what  overcoming your fear and trusting yourself to fully step into that role of service looks like. 

For this discussion, I’m being joined by the amazing Coleen Taylor.

Coleen is a Senior Financial Consultant with IG Wealth Management, where she manages a select group of clients’ wealth and helps them to leave a legacy. For over twenty years, she and her team have run a successful practice in Terrace, British Columbia. 

Coleen regularly interviews and promotes women while spearheading a dynamic group called Women Need Women, a platform for women to have a voice and share their story. 

Stepping into the fear of public speaking has been a major stumbling block for Coleen. Over time, she has leaned into the fear and discovered the freedom and confidence on the other side.  Recently she presented at IG Wealth Managements national conference on her unique approach to business, ‘The Service Mindset’.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • When she decided she needed to be of service to others in their financial journeys
  • Her early fear of public speaking and how she worked to overcome that
  • The moment she found her voice
  • What it looks like to lead from your heart
  • Coleen’s current favorite speaker: Esther Hicks, and podcast: The Big Talk


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