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433 Conscious Manifestation

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Laws of Conscious Manifestation

In this episode, I want to open my heart a bit and take you inside both my meditation and conscious manifestation practice. I’m also taking you behind the scenes of a recent vacation I took with my amazing husband.

The other morning during my silent meditation time, I sat with this thought: “I use my conscious intention to manifest my dreams.”

When getting up from my mat, I realized I had just experienced consciously manifesting my dreams on a long-overdue anniversary trip with Joe to Le Blanc Spa in Mexico.

Today, I am sharing the details of this manifestation. And I’m also sharing how this directly relates to your speaker journey and your desire to impact more lives.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • Why even when what you are experiencing is incredible, there is always more waiting for you
  • Observing what is possible and asking the right questions to learn more about potential opportunities
  • Two moments when I manifested my dreams while on my Cancun vacation with Joe and what this means for you
  • How to use your conscious intention to manifest your dreams and attract the big stages you desire


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