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447 Finding Your Way Home With Sharyl West Loeung

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Finding Your Way Back to Your True Self

Today’s show is another in a series of bonus episodes each featuring one of the incredible talks given by my participants in The Big Talk Academy as a part of our Virtual Showcase. This showcase is the culmination of their hard work as they cross the finish line to become certified speakers. 

These episodes give you a peek behind the scenes to witness the amazing Big Talks presented and also give you exclusive access to my live feedback and the direction I give to each speaker immediately following their performances.

This week’s episode features Sharyl West Loeung and her talk, “Finding Our Way Home.”

Sharyl is a speaker, writer, preacher, and educator who spends her days working with college students and faith leaders to help them consider what it means to belong in a diverse world. She was recently awarded a Faith in Vaccines grant from the Interfaith Youth Core to assemble and equip a student team focused on increasing vaccine receptivity in faith-based communities. 

She is also the co-founder of Kardia House Consulting, which offers consulting, training, and curriculum on reframing conversations to heal our divisive, polarized society so we can see positive social change.

In her talk, she explores:

  • The complexity of finding a place to belong amid a global pandemic (and even before it)
  • The problem with traditional gatherings that become obligations
  • How to stop being a passive participant in your own life
  • Finding your way back to your true self


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