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436 Giving Away Your Power

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How to Stop Giving Away Your Power

This week, I’m so excited to share my incredible experience seeing the new-to-Broadway show for colored girls who have considered suicide/ when the rainbow is enuf. This production is beautiful and vitally important, and I encourage you, if you can get to New York to see it before it closes in August, do it! 

The direction, choreography, cast, and story are breathtaking. And today, I talk about some of the powerful takeaways I had — including a look at how to stop giving away your power. 

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • The talented people who brought this production to life
  • An exerpt from the book that completely blew my mind
  • The times we’ve given away our stuff — our confidence, our beliefs, our voice, our power — and didn’t even know we’d done it
  • Why you have to claim who you are and what is yours 


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