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478 How to Write a Book in a Weekend

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Recently, I decided to co-author a book about menopause. Although I wrote The Influential Voice myself, I chose to co-author this new book because I wanted to bring in a colleague and friend of mine, Dr. Alexandra Stockwell, who I deeply respect. 

I don’t have children, and I’m not a medical doctor. However, Dr Stockwell does and is. And I wanted to have both of these points of view when it came to talking about menopause. 

The reason I decided to talk about this today is because we intentionally decided to write this book together in a single weekend. A few months ago, I had no idea that this was possible. And I’m hoping by sharing this experience that you’ll also feel inspired to reexamine what you believe is possible, too.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • The reason I felt strongly about writing a book about menopause and who it is for
  • Why Dr. Stockwell and I decided to write a book in a weekend
  • What that weekend looked like for us and how we prepared for it
  • Why anything is possible when you make the decision to do what you desire


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