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425 Make Your Mess Your Message with Dr. Jay LaGuardia

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How to Make Your Mess Your Message

In this episode of The Big Talk podcast, we’re talking about how to take control of your own life to heal from past traumas and step into being the person you truly want to be. We’re also uncovering why this deeply personal work is necessary if you want to be able to make your mess your message and lead others with impact.

This week, I am so excited to be joined by Dr. Jay LaGuardia for this amazing conversation.

Dr. Jay is a Podcast host, wellness expert, Amazon Bestselling Author, coach, Entrepreneur, blogger, and accelerator of dreams. He has been a lifelong learner in the fields of physical fitness, nutrition, wellness, neurology, neuroscience, brain function, and the habits of success. 

In a career spanning over 25 years, he was able to mentor countless individuals on both business and personal development. Dr. Jay is a highly sought-after speaker, having lectured throughout the United States and internationally. His topics are wide-ranging but often focus on maximizing human potential. His simple yet powerful teaching approach has been known to inspire his audiences.

We start our conversation with Dr. Jay sharing about the tumultuous childhood that left him with a lot of anger and resentment. This anger followed him destructively into adulthood and led to a lot of volatility in his life and relationships. Thankfully, he had a wake-up call that led him to the world of personal development and personal growth. And as he so perfectly put it, his mess eventually became his message. Now, Dr. Jay inspires millions of people around the world to experience the same kind of growth and to take control of their mindset and lives, so they can fulfill their destinies, too.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • The difference between his early volatile voice and his voice now
  • Speaking and leading from a place of empathy and mindfulness
  • Why the people in your life will show up as a reflection of who you are and how you are showing up
  • The 8 habits you need to change your mindset and ultimately change your destiny
  • Dr. Jay’s current favorites — Book: Think and Grow Rich, Speaker: Simon Sinek, and Podcast: Entrepreneurs on Fire and The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast


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