Image for episode 440 Sharing Your Story of Transformation with Ana Del Castillo

440 Sharing Your Story of Transformation with Ana Del Castillo

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A Personal Story of Transformation

In this episode of The Big Talk, I am joined by the amazing Ana Del Castillo as we talk about healing from your past and connecting with your authentic voice in order to share your story of transformation in service of others.

As a Rightness Expert & Certified Coach with 20+ years experience, Ana works with people who have great lives but still feel there’s something wrong. 

By addressing their underlying source of suffering, Ana creates transformative experiences and supports her clients in owning their inherent rightness, vitality, and aliveness again.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • Ana’s challenging backstory and how it shaped who she is today
  • Being healed from your trauma before you share your story
  • Truth versus lie when it comes to our stories
  • What happens when you lie to yourself and, by extension, your audience
  • Ana’s Current Stand Outs: Book: Sacred Hearts: Daily Reflections for Divine Renegades & Levels of Energy, Speakers: Simon Sinek & Brené Brown, and Podcast: Esther Perel


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