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430 The Characteristics of Top Motivational Speakers

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What Do Top Motivational Speakers Do Different From Other Speakers?

This episode was inspired by an opportunity I had a few months ago to speak at the Breakout Book Workshop with publicist Dana Kaye.

Dana helps authors navigate the challenging world of publicity, and she asked me to come and talk with her amazing authors about speaking.

Of course, I said yes! And today, I’m giving you access to all of the insight I had to share with these experts in their industries, so you can use it on your speaking journey as well.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • The characteristics of top motivational speakers
  • The differences between speaking onstage versus Zoom
  • How in-person appearances convey your brand — with things such as style, tone, and topics
  • What speakers never should do from stage and what they always should do from stage


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