413 The Importance of A Business Team

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Show Summary: 

A couple of weeks ago on The Big Talk in Episode 409, I shared with you about the personal team that supports me and enables me to perform at such high levels. Today, I am sharing with you about the business team that also makes this possible for me.

I am breaking down who is on my team, why they’re on my team, and the importance of having them on my team. 

While your team may not be this extensive yet, I know this will provide incredible insight for you to reflect on your own team and see the ways you could expand to serve as many people as you desire.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • Important qualities to look for in your team members
  • The first role I hired for my team and how they support my role as the visionary of this company
  • How I communicate with my team
  • Why I love each member of my team and the importance of taking time to find the right people


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