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427 The Importance of Effective Communication

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What is Effective Communication?

I recorded this episode during Week 1 of the The Big Talk Academy Spring 2022 cohort. And during our first group call, in addition to welcoming one another and stating our intentions for the program, we also took a moment to acknowledge everything happening in Ukraine.

We shared a moment of silence and energetically sent our love to the people there. I also shared my thoughts on the incredible leadership of President Zelenskyy and the power of his influential voice during this time of great sadness and despair.

I pointed out that each member of The Big Talk Academy can also be an influential voice in the world, too. And today, I want to extend that same message to you.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • The responsibility and urgency of sharing your truth and using your voice
  • The time I spent in Russia in 1991 as a dancer and what I learned from that experience
  • Why effective communication is more important now than ever
  • The need for trust from your audience


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