Image for episode 448 The Importance of Managing Your Energy Around Big Ideas

448 The Importance of Managing Your Energy Around Big Ideas

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Managing Your Energy More Effectively

In this episode, we examine protecting and managing your energy.

I work with speakers, thought leaders, and influencers who have big and oftentimes super heavy ideas. And while mentoring them, I have to be mindful of protecting and clearing my energy. I also have to put into place the self-care I need in order to not go down a doomsday rabbit hole each time we meet.

Because what these speakers are sharing with me is big. What they’re talking about and the ideas they’re putting out into the world are intense.

And, as you are examining and preparing to share your big ideas, you have to be mindful of managing your energy, too.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • A project I’ve been working on that has involved interviewing hundreds of mothers and daughters, and how I learned to protect my energy during this project 
  • Some of the big, urgent ideas my clients are sharing
  • How I manage my intentions and reset my energy when working with each of my speakers
  • The tangible practices you can use now for managing your energy


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