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453 The Surprising Solution to Imposter Syndrome with Maria Rygge

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The Surprising Solution to Imposter Syndrome in Self

Today’s show is another in a series of bonus episodes each featuring one of the incredible talks given by my participants in The Big Talk Academy as a part of our Virtual Showcase. This showcase is the culmination of their hard work as they cross the finish line to become certified speakers. 

These episodes give you a peek behind the scenes to witness the amazing Big Talks presented and also give you exclusive access to my live feedback and the direction I give to each speaker immediately following their performances.

This week’s episode features Maria Rygge and her talk, “Seeing the Brilliance in Others Can Cure Impostor Syndrome in Self.”

Maria is an international speaker and marketing & personal development coach from Norway, currently living in Vietnam. Over the last decade, Maria and her business & life partner have inspired and helped more than 100,000 coaches and entrepreneurs from 30+ countries to make a difference and go for their dreams.

In her talk, she explores:

  • Why we as humans compare ourselves to others — and why we need to stop
  • What it really means when someone else is better at something than you
  • Where impostor syndrome often creeps in
  • The surprising solution to imposter syndrome


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