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475 What Do you Do With An Idea?

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What Do You Do With an Idea — Even When Others Doubt You

If you are tuning in from the United States, this episode is airing the week we celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving has a lot of backstory to it. And it’s also an opportunity for us to come together, give thanks, and celebrate our lives, our families, and our friends. 

In order to keep things short and sweet this week, so that you can get to making your delicious meals and gathering with the people important to you, I am going to read from a book that is also short and sweet. It’s extremely, incredibly potent, too. 

The book is called What Do You Do With An Idea? written by Kobi Yamada and illustrated by Mae Besom. 

This story explores:

  • What happens when we come up with a new idea
  • The fear of what others will think of our idea
  • What to do with an idea that seems too big, too odd, or too difficult
  • The transformation that occurs when we believe in our ideas and take care of them


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