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442 What’s Your State of Mental Readiness

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Mental Readiness Means Getting Ready

This week on The Big Talk, we are talking about your state of mental readiness

A state of mental readiness can be defined in many ways, and what I mean by this is: Are you clear on who you need to be right now for what’s about to come from the universe? Are you ready to say ‘yes’ when that call comes?

Because it’s coming, and you have to ask yourself if you’ll be prepared when it does.

Your state of readiness is important because opportunities are going to show up for you and if you are not ready you are not going to be able to say yes.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • What I learned from the jobs I had in college and my first job in New York
  • My first company and who I had to become to be ready to make it happen
  • What happens if you say yes when you’re not ready
  • The three things you need to do and be to constantly be in a state of readiness as a speaker


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