Image for episode 444 Why We Resist Women Who Lead with Dalisia Coppersmith

444 Why We Resist Women Who Lead with Dalisia Coppersmith

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Women Who Lead is a Sisterhood of Women Who Influence

Today’s show is another in a series of bonus episodes each featuring one of the incredible talks given by my participants in The Big Talk Academy as a part of our Virtual Showcase. This showcase is the culmination of their hard work as they cross the finish line to become certified speakers. 

These episodes give you a peek behind the scenes to witness the amazing Big Talks presented and also give you exclusive access to my live feedback and the direction I give to each speaker immediately following their performances.

This week’s episode features Dalisia Coppersmith and her talk, Why We Resist Women Who Lead.

Dalisia is an internationally experienced speaker, executive coach, and founder of the Reviving Athena movement—her personal mission to “restore the women who can change our world.”  She specializes in dissolving unconscious resistance to women’s leadership and elevating those whose vision can build vibrant, inclusive societies.

In this powerful talk, she explores:

  • The crisis of fractured wisdom between men and women
  • Why we’ve been conditioned to resist the leadership of assertive, visionary women and her experience with this
  • How we talk about high-achieving men versus high-achieving women
  • The ways we dissolve our resistance to female leadership


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