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546 Becoming Fearless with Sarah Khan (Bonus Virtual Showcase)

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Show Summary: 

Today, I’m super excited to share an amazing talk from last year’s Big Talk Academy Virtual Showcase. 

The game-changing speakers who go through this signature program each have a powerful story to share. And you will walk away from today’s talk fully inspired.

In this episode, you will also get to hear my live feedback on the talk, and there’s sure to be plenty of takeaways for you as well.

This week features Sarah Khan and her talk, “How My Life Changed When I Forgot to Be Afraid.”

Sarah is a truth speaker and mentor for high achieving women. She shifts how we view the status quo to rewrite stories we embrace as our own. Sarah also helps women rehabilitate beliefs around communication, leadership, and achievement – helping them heal trauma and rediscover what is possible.

In her talk, she explores:

  • Cultural Identity and Challenges: Dive into Sarah’s experience growing up as a South Asian in a small Canadian mining town and how it shaped her worldview.
  • Overcoming Fear and Limitations: Learn about the significant impact fear had on Sarah’s life, leading her to miss out on opportunities.
  • A New Perspective on Life: Discover the pivotal moment when fear ceased to be Sarah’s primary guide in life.
  • Rewriting Your Story: Gain insights into Sarah’s approach to forgetting fear and rewriting your narrative to unlock your true passions and potential.

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