The Big Talk Podcast

with Tricia Brouk

Season 23

Candid conversations about using your voice in a big way.

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515 A Conversation With Founder and CEO of Oxford Talks

514 The Recipe For Speaking Up

513 Speaker Salon Showcase with Maekyla Massey

512 Living with Curiosity and Compassion with Vasavi Kumar

511 My Thoughts on Grief, Love, and Being Intentional

510 Masterclass Hot Seat Coaching – #7

509 Publishing a Book and Your Legacy with Chandler Bolt

508 Rehearsal vs. Run Through

507 A Gift of Grace with Stephanie McAuliffe (Speaker Salon Showcase)

506 Leading with Dignity with Esther Weinberg

505 Preparing to Speak for International Women’s Day

504 Masterclass Hot Seat Coaching – #6

503 Being of Service with Matt Drayton

502 Ask Me Anything with Emma Cullen

501 Deconstructing Presence with Dr. Wayne Pernell (Speaker Salon Showcase)

500 Best of The Big Talk with Tricia Brouk

499 How to Say No

498 Masterclass Hot Seat Coaching – #5

497 Paying Attention with Pam McKissick

496 A Powerful Speech on Gender

495 Becoming Remarkable with Vivian Garcia-Tunon (Speaker Salon Showcase)

494 Writing Your Story with Jessica Buchanan

493 How to Give a Wedding Toast

492 Masterclass Hot Seat Coaching – #4

491 Stay Curious with Sonja Pemberton

490 Inside the 1:1 Container with Tricia Brouk

489 Finding Growth from Shattered Dreams with Dr. Shenell Evans (Speaker Salon Showcase)

488 Empowering Others With Mitch Gray

487 The Art of Responding: How to Manage Rejection

486 Masterclass Hot Seat Coaching – #3

485 Creating Your Ripple Effect with Lisa Johnson

484 How I Set Goals for Myself and My Business

Welcome to The Big Talk with Tricia Brouk, an award winning director and producer.

The Big Talk pulls back the curtain of the art of public speaking, TED Talks, and how to get paid to speak. She’s interviewed the world’s top speakers including, Stedman Graham, Hap Klopp, Lolly Daskal and John Lee Dumas.

Featured Episodes

Stedman Graham

Author, Speaker and Oprah’s longtime biggest champion

John Lee Dumas

Founder of award winning podcast EOFire, speaker and entrepreneur

Lolly Daskal

TEDxLincolnSquare speaker, author and sought after leadership coach

Hap Klopp

Founder of The North Face, speaker and disrupter

JJ Ramberg

Former host of MSNBC’s Your Business


A Conscious Conversation About Race