Image for episode 550 Fear and How It Sabotages the Way You Show Up

550 – Fear and How It Sabotages the Way You Show Up

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Show Summary: 

Today’s show of the Big Talk, we delve deep into understanding and overcoming fear.

We all have experienced fear. It can creep in under many different circumstances — when you’re uncertain, confused, overwhelmed, or weighed down by limiting beliefs. 

Thankfully, fear can be overcome so that you can become the speaker, thought leader, and influential voice you are meant to be.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • Excellence and Curiosity Against Fear: Discover how our core values at The Big Talk, excellence and curiosity, play a vital role in combatting fear.
  • Real-Life Fear Reactions: Learn from real-life examples where fear dictated reactions, and understand how to identify similar situations.
  • Strategies to Address Fear: Explore effective ways to address fear head-on, learning to respond thoughtfully rather than react impulsively.
  • Recognizing and Stopping Fear-Based Reactions: Gain insights on how to identify when you’re reacting out of fear and learn practical steps to stop this pattern

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