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520 Fear and How It’s Getting in Your Way [Chapter 4 of The Influential Voice]

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Show Summary: 

In this very special episode, I’m sharing a chapter from my book, The Influential Voice.

As you probably know, I wrote this book in 2020 during a week I’d originally planned to be in Mexico celebrating my anniversary with my husband, Joe.

Three years later, I’ve shared the powerful message of this book with people all over the world. I’ve also had the privilege of recording an audiobook that allows you to hear directly from me how you can say what you mean for lasting legacy.

Today, you’re getting inside access to Chapter 4 — which is all about fear, how to move through it, and why using your voice really isn’t about you.

In this chapter, we’ll explore:

  • Why fear isn’t a bad thing and how you can coexist with it
  • How being in action creates confidence
  • The way to stop comparing yourself others — and why you must do this
  • The importance of knowing who your talk is really for


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