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549 – Finding Resilience with Angela McKinney (Bonus Virtual Showcase)

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Show Summary: 

Today, I’m super excited to share a powerful talk from The Big Talk Academy’s Fall 2022 Virtual Showcase. 

This curated showcase features thought leaders, game-changing speakers, and influential voices who I’ve mentored in my signature speaker certification program. As a bonus, you’ll get to hear my live feedback on this showcase talk, and there are sure to be plenty of takeaways for you as well.

This week, you’ll hear from Angela McKinney with her talk, “How to Convert Our Fragility to Resilience using our Innate Gifts.”

Angela is an addiction recovery expert and motivational speaker. Her 3-Step system, The Untangle Method™, combines research in the neurobiology of trauma with a creative approach to improving lives. Angela is also the author of the book Untangle: How to Create Big Possibilities Through Small Change.

In her talk, she explores:

  • Embracing Vulnerability: Understand how accepting vulnerability is an essential part of the human experience.
  • Early Intervention and Self-Awareness: Discover the importance of early intervention and self-awareness in addressing life’s challenges, especially the often-overlooked small crises.
  • Learning from Nature and Creativity: Explore how nature and creativity can offer valuable lessons in resilience and personal growth.
  • The Untangle Method™: Gain insights into Angela’s 3-step framework for navigating struggles and cultivating resilience.

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